Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life Beyond the Redistricting Board

There is life beyond the Redistricting Board meetings.  The board got out early today - 3:30pm - and I walked home.   Most folks have trouble imagining walking to the University area from downtown, but it's only about 3.5 miles which isn't much if you went for a hike.  And I needed the exercise. 

Headed for the post office, I ran across what looked like the State Ombudsman office.  It turned out to be the State Library, which turned out not to be a book library, but a library for the visually impaired.  This is on the north side of what used to be called the Post Office mall downtown, near the post office.  But they directed me to the third floor, where I found the ombudsman's office.  I've published several ombudsman articles and book chapters on ombudsman offices, but had lost track of the Alaska ombudsman.  I thought they were headquartered in Juneau, but they are here in Anchorage.  But the ombudsman happened to be in Juneau this week. 

A little further on there was a man on the roof untangling the flag above the Mexican Consulate. 

On 15th at C St. there's a little mall on the north side with a little Camera Service shop.  This place is a reminder of the best of what we lose to big box stores - competent, reliable service.  Someone who can answer our questions and guide us to make the right decisions.  You can get used cameras there, accessories, and repairs.  The edge of my Canon Powershot that has the little hand strap had come off.  I figured out how to slip it back on, but I realized there were two empty screw holes.  He found some tiny screws to fit in and noticed another missing screw on a different side.  $6.  That may sound a lot for three tiny screws and putting them in, but he has a minimum charge of $37 for service.  So, if you need camera repairs, check out Camera Service Center and keep him in business in case I need more screws. 

I passed a pawn shop and saw all these cameras.  There were no Canon Powershots.
I feel uncomfortable with pawnshops, knowing many people have left stuff there because they had no money and they got pennies for the dollar for their things.  There's a lot of jewelery there.  But I did find a phillips head screwdriver.  Our two good screwdrivers are missing and I have a started project on hold for lack of a screwdriver.  $.49.

A bit further on I stopped in the Korean grocery.  They didn't have any bananas, but he offered some banana milk.  Not quite what I had in mind.  But I got a small piece of ginger. 

And on 36th I passed this bit of urban wilderness.

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  1. loved hearing about your little walk. We miss so much when we drive everywhere.


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