Thursday, September 30, 2010

Burnaby Mountain 3: Wet Roses Part 1

I decided I had to do these roses in two parts so you can take your time with these knowing there are more coming.  These are especially for Catherine who's getting well. 


  1. How do you do this? I can smell each of these individually as if they were in my house!

    My grandfather grew and tended roses. We'd fly out from Fairbanks a few times when I lived there and I'd spend hours in his garden, closing my eyes and figuring out if I knew where I was by the roses I was smelling. I knew each of them.

    Almost 20 years ago I got tossed from a horse and lost my sense of smell. (My brother enjoyed telling people that I had brain damage after that!) It was just whacked and I sometimes look at something and smell something completely different. When I look at these roses, I remember my grandfather's roses and their smells.

    He and my grandmother lived in Seattle, so you are close. They are probably similar breeds. How is it that I cannot smell the chicken that I am making for tomorrow yet I look at these pictures and feel like my house is bursting with their fragrance? :) Thank you for posting them!

  2. Yes, I can smell them too, although I don't know their names, it was like the fragrance came right through the computer. My parents both loved roses, so the smell of a home-grown rose is comforting and delightful.
    Thank you so much! And Happy Birthday J!
    Your healing-up friend C.


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