Thursday, September 23, 2010

Anchorage-Vancouver Day 2.5

After lunch in Whitehorse, we drove down through Teslin (the bridge below).

Then to the Cassiar Highway where we turned right. It was getting tight - we've been trying to not drive in the dark - but it was totally clear and a huge full moon was rising and the twilight lasted long enough until we pulled into Boya Lake Campground, a place we've been before and really like. Here are a few pictures of that afternoon.


  1. So now you're off to the east of Juneau! The beautiful weather we had for ten days has turned into a large rainstorm system. I wonder if it will dump rain on you, too...?

  2. What a wonderful weather you have! Make the most of it, may be when you come back to Anchorage you´ll find there a "light" snow...he, he.

  3. Harpboy, the rain did move in yesterday and today it was heavy at times.

    Tomás, Possibly there will be snow when we get back. But maybe not.


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