Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blogspot's New Insert Image Technique

[This will probably not mean much to people not using blogspot as bloggers. Sorry.]

It was a long time coming, but this week when I went to upload some pictures onto the blog, the set up was different.  The biggest improvement is that now I can select more than one picture at time without going back and forth between the upload photo window and the files.  (As I write this I wonder if this had secretly become available in the old method, but since I'd given up trying it long ago, I never knew.)  In any case, it makes uploading images to the blog more efficient. 

It would be nice if Blogger would announce such changes and even give bloggers a choice if they want to stick with the old or move to the new.  After I posted about the new spam blocking system - which I find helpful - I started following the discussion about it at the Google Forum.  It's given some people fits. 

I couldn't find anything about this new image upload change on Blogger Buzz and my google attempt found nothing.  Please tell us what you are up to Google.  Some surprises are nice, others aren't.

Anyway, thanks. 


  1. The gradual evolution of this platform has inexorably rendered it virtually impossible for anyone with a slow connection speed to use it – I can’t upload images with this newest “upgrade.” One of the nice potentials about blogs is the diversity of expression and range of subjects – unfortunately that’s just not possible given the limited access and equipment the majority of the planet has (including from a cabin with 24k dial-up).

    Blogger is joining the ranks of internet sites that are leaving folks behind who don’t have and can’t afford the very latest technology behind. Also makes the “Net Neutrality” issue a moot point when one can’t even see half the websites anymore. Such is progress.

  2. I too noticed the new Blogger interface and thought it might be nice to be able to upload several photos at once. But when I wanted to put the photos into their appropriate places in the blog, I had a really hard time -- all the pictures dumped in at once and it was hard to rearrange them or place them with the text.

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong -- of course Blogger makes you figure this out by yourself (no pesky help info -- guess this is to help build our characters). So far I reserve my praise. Glad it's working for you.

  3. Jamie, they want to force you to buy new equipment. Hang in there. Minimally, they should let you use the old version if the new one doesn't work for you.

    Kathy, I tried it just now in Safari and could only get one picture at a time. It gets whole batches of pictures at once in Firefox. The gap between Safari and Firefox was why I went to Firefox for blogging in the first place.

    Thanks to both of you for adding info here.


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