Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This is Going To Be One Nasty, Tacky Election

I recently had a post about how some people aren't affected by facts that contradict what they believe and how emotion and personal narratives, the stories one has about how the world works.  As someone who thinks facts are important - would you like your doctor operating on you based on her opinion or based on scientific evidence? - I also recognize that we are all ruled by emotion as well.  And we need both to be rounded human beings.

So I'm posting this video, not because I personally like it, but because it shows that the Democrats are abandoning any semblance of rationality and reasonableness and going for the truly tasteless in hopes it will work for them like it does for Republicans.  This is an anti-Joe Miller ad that says it's from Blue America,  Outsiders who seem to think Alaskans  read at a 3rd grade level.  I wonder where they could have gotten that idea?

From the Blue America website:

Among Blue America pages you will find actions dedicated to specific endeavors, like defeating Blue Dogs, rewarding members of Congress who have been fighting for meaningful health care or for ending the disastrous occupation of Afghanistan. There is even a page dedicated specifically to giving props to progressive hero Alan Grayson and one dedicated to the best challengers running for the U.S. Senate this year. I'm kind of partial to the one that Digby came up with to send a message to the Inside the Beltway Establishment by supporting BETTER Democrats, the non-corporate kind.


  1. Is this how madness begins? A comment left online on The Guardian today about O'Donnell's primary win in Delaware may well sum up the situation: 'And so the army of the stupid rises....'

    While certainly not its best practice, this is politics, too. So just how does one side fight a political army? It can only be a messy business.

  2. Can't read your post, alas. Pale, pale blue against white is tough on these old eyes.

  3. The internecine war between RINOS and conservatives must end with a turn-out of historic proportions
    Say it ain’t so: Murkowski to run as write-in candidate
    By Greg Halvorson Saturday, September 18, 2010
    Nothing is more petty and petulant than a loser who, in their inability to accept defeat, chooses to inflict damage on the source of that defeat. More odious is when a RINO from a red state is behind it, a Lisa Murkowski, who because she’s dishonorable, has Democrats from Wasilla to Washington smiling.

    Her write-in campaign clouds the way for Joe Miller, and in the most important election in memory, one hopes Alaskans comprehend what’s at stake. The internecine war between RINOS and conservatives must end with a turn-out of historic proportions.

    Boots on the ground, not Rockefeller stilettos. Mama and Papa Grizzlies, not political brats.


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