Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Burnaby Mountain 2: Around the Park

My Dad would be 99 years old today.  I know he would have loved to have been in the park with me.  Happy Birthday wherever you are Dad.  

The sky is pretty much clear and the weather in the 60s, so it seemed like a good day for a run. There's a park down the hill from where we're staying. This post is pictures of the park and the trails I took. The last post of the park will be from the rose garden.

The park is around the P and ? just left of the "You Are Here" sign on the map.

Here's from an April 15, 2010 CTV report:
Fire has ravaged an acclaimed restaurant on Burnaby Mountain just weeks before wedding season.
The blaze was discovered at about 7:15 a.m. Thursday by a cook at Horizons Restaurant, located at 100 Centennial Way.
"He opened the door and heard a crackling sound, and he called the fire department immediately," restaurant operator Geoffrey Howes told
Eight fire trucks arrived on scene, and the fire was extinguished about an hour later. No one was injured in the blaze, but the restaurant's kitchen was destroyed.
Howes said the damage is extensive and will take about three months to fix. About six planned parties and wedding celebrations will be disrupted.
 It's now going on six months later and you can see from the picture, there's still work to do before  the Horizons Restaurant is open again.  

Then I continued my run down Pandora's trail. (On the map - this goes up and left from the park along the boundary with the 'danger' area.  It's marked, and you might be able to see it clearer if you double click the map.)

Then to the Gnome's Home Trail

The Gnomes were sitting all over this tree, but didn't come out in the picture at all.

I think this stump (about six feet tall) may be their home.

And then up the Ridgeview trail back to the park.

And then back up to the campus past this great swing scene.

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