Monday, September 13, 2010

Tim Wise - Native American Calling Monday Morning

Tim Wise was picked up at the airport Sunday night.  I've been working on getting little things ready for his visit - name tags and food (it's going to be good) for the workshop and other sorts of last minute work. 

You can listen to Tim Wise on Native American Calling on KNBA Monday Morning.  That's 90.3 FM in Anchorage.  But this show is going nation-wide and you can call in.  Here's information from their website:

Native America Calling Airs Live
Monday - Friday, 1-2pm Eastern (9-10amAlaska Time)
To participate call
that's 1-800-99-NATIVE

Monday, September 13, 2010– Healing Racism in Anchorage:
Several incidents with overt racist overtones divided the city of Anchorage, but a group called Healing Racism in Anchorage is determined to bring people back together. They are holding a series of events that take the issue of racism head-on, including bringing in “one of the most brilliant, articulate and courageous critics of white privilege in the nation.” Are white people just too insensitive when it comes to what they think is funny, or is it that Native people can’t take a joke? Guests are author/anti-racist activist Tim Wise and Liz Medicine Crow (Tlingit/Haida) of the Alaska Native Policy Center.

I'm not sure how much work Tim has done with Native American groups, so I suspect he'll be doing some learning in this setting, but this should be interesting.  

If you aren't in Anchorage you can listen to it on affiliate stations in Alaska and 15 other states - mainly those with significant Native American populations.  Here's the list below.

At the end of the list of states, there's an internet hook up, so you can listen live on-line even if you don't have this on a local radio station.  For the Alaska stations click on the link.

KUYI FM 88.1 Keams Canyon
KGHR FM 91.5 Tuba City
KNNB FM 88.1 Whiteriver
FM 89.9 Cibecue
FM 105.3 Vernon
KOHN FM 91.9 Sells
KPYT FM 100.3 Tuscon
Radio Phoenix Phoenix
KIDE FM 91.3 Hoopa
KSJD FM 91.5 Cortez
FM 91.1 Pleasant View & Dolores
FM 104.1 Mancos
KSUT FM 91.3 Ignacio - Southern Ute Tribal Radio
KISU FM 91.0 Pocatello
KGVA FM 88.1 Fort Belknap
Brave Nation Ashland
KABR AM 1500 Alamo
KUNM FM 89.9 Albuquerque/Santa Fe
FM 91.9 Espanola
FM 91.9 Taos, Las Vegas
KRRT FM 90.9 Arroyo Seco, Cuba
KRAR FM 91.1 Cimarron/Eagle Nest
KBOM FM 88.7 Socorro, Nageezi
KCIE FM 90.5 Dulce
KGLP FM 91.7 Gallup
KTDB FM 89.7 Ramah/ Pinehill
KSHI FM 90.9 Zuni
KSJE FM 90.9 Farmington
WPVM FM 103.5 Asheville
KEYA FM 88.5 Belcourt
KMHA FM 91.3 New Town
KABU FM 90.7 St. Michael
KCNP FM 89.5 Ada
KGOU FM 106.3 Norman
FM 97.9 Ada
FM 103.1 Siminole
KROU FM 105.7 Oklahoma City
KCUW FM 104.3 Pendleton
KWSO FM 91.9 Warm Springs
KLND FM 89.5 Little Eagle
KILI FM 90.1 Porcupine
KRCL FM 90.9 Salt Lake City
FM 90.9 Park City
KSER FM 90.7 Everett
KSFC FM 91.9 Spokane
KYNR AM 1490 Toppenish
WOJB FM 88.9 Hayward
KWRR FM 89.5 Ethete
INTERNET (additional)
Native Voice One

He'll also be doing a workshop for US Fish and Wildlife employees in the early afternoon and a public workshop in the evening which is sold out.

But you can also listen Tuesday morning on Talk of Alaska on KSKA and in the evening at a free event at Wendy Williamson Auditorium at UAA at 7:30 again Tuesday.

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