Friday, September 24, 2010

Anchorage - Vancouver Day 4

Wednesday was incredibly beautiful.  We'd planned to spend the night at Mediazin Campground, where we'd stopped in 2004, but it was closed and we ended up at a rest area with picnic tables and an outhouse and a creek. 

And some signs including this map of the Cassiar Highway.

You can see Whitehorse on the upper left.  Tuesday was Whitehorse (lunch)  to Boya Lake Campground.  You can enlarge it by double clicking.  There's a triangle below Watson Lake.
Then, Wednesday night was at the red You Are Here arrow.  Then east to just Prince George and south a bit to a campground in Hixon.  But I'm getting ahead.

These signs are good and obvious.  Especially waiting on road construction.  I'd like to see the Princess Tours buses in Alaska follow this rule. 

It rained a bit in the morning, but nothing serious.  And we had clouds with some sun most of the day, with a few spots of rain.  Here's the connection to the Yellowhead Highway which goes from Edmonton to Prince Rupert. 

I already did a post on the Skeena Bakery, so I'll skip that.  The rest are pictures of the Yellowhead Highway (Hwy 16).

It gets less wilderness and more rural.  And you can see in this picture the mystery spot in my camera.  I'm trying to take pictures so the spot is in a background you can't see, or to crop it out, but sometimes . . . I've tried cleaning the lens, but it doesn't help.
In 1997 we made a mad dash from Prince George to Prince Rupert to catch the Alaska ferry and the road was really fast. But things have grown a lot since then and the going was pretty slow, especially as we went through towns.

People  in Anchorage never use chains on their cars.  Everyone has snow tires, many studded, so even though I've lived in snow country for over 30 years now, chains are a mystery. 

As we got close to Prince George, traffic got worse.  The truck poked along at about 60 (the speed limit) with all these cars behind, when it got to a stretch with a passing lane, it seemed to speed up and only one vehicle was able to pass.  And then there were all the little construction spots.  

We really have to go, but our campground has wifi and I can't help trying to get this done.  I'll have it post this afternoon.  Tonight we should be with our daughter in Vancouver.  Yeah!  But it's been soooo beautiful. 


  1. Just a note on the use of chain up and chain off areas: they are for the big trucks & 18 wheelers, not cars. A jack-knifed tractor-trailer on an icy hill is not something you want sliding toward you. Surpised to know Alaska's semi's don't chain up on ice.

    Anyway, hope your trip is good. (You will be going through my hometown soon - Prince George).

  2. Anon, It was raining and the road construction slowed things down and made it hard to stop as we passed by Prince George. But the whole area is beautiful. We ended up in Hixon for the night. How far away from PG are you now?

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  4. I like the "no idling" sign as well. My son calls the Gray Line of Alaska buses "Black Line of Alaska" buses, because they are so often belching black smoke.

    The Austrian restaurant looks really good. If you are going through Whitehorse, there is a really good German deli there. I can't remember the name. It is difficult to find real food when travelling.

  5. Ropi's comment is in answer to a question I left on his blog.

    Scrondahl, We ate at Baked in downtown Whitehorse - a Yuppie bakery like place that had wifi and good food.


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