Monday, September 20, 2010

Anchorage to Tok

We're having breakfast at Fast Eddy's in Tok. The Griz, where we've eaten before and is homier, is moving and is closed today. The sky's been clear and the fall scenery beautiful.

Mile 72 out of Anchorage Sunday afternoon.  (We finally got on the road about 2pm.)

Sun on the Matanuska River.

Looking at the river in the other 

The windshield's starting to get dirty.

Mt. Sanford in the late afternoon sun.

Moon rising behind Mt. Sanford.

I almost forgot these mooncakes Des sent for the Mid-Autumn Festival.  I had one before bed.  MMMMMMMMMM!

We'd been aiming for Porcupine Campground between Glenallen and Tok.  We got there about 8:15 last night at dusk.  But it was closed.  Here's a picture this morning of us parked by the closed gate of the campground.  Even though it was in the 60s yesterday, it must have been in the 20's this morning.  We did hear an owl (Great Horned, I think) during the night.

The sun was up as we pulled out around 8 this morning and drove the next 60 miles to Tok.

And it was sublimely beautiful.

I think the omelet was made by a serious carnivore.  The vegetables were essentially raw and thrown into the egg.  No seasoning whatsoever.  It wasn't till I got some tabasco that it any taste. 

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