Friday, September 24, 2010

Skeena Bakery Hazelton British Columbia

The lady in the tourist office said there was wifi in the Skeena Bakery, so we drove several blocks down the highway til we found it.

The aroma as we walked in got me.  I got plugged in, the wifi password, a chocolate bun, and sat down to post Wednesday's pictures.

But I realized I was really cozy in there.  Different people checked on us, the owner of the building was talking to J as I was blogging.  The building used to be the courthouse.  It has been remodeled with help of some grants because the used special needs adults to help with the construction and the bakery also uses them as employees. 

Here's the front door and you get a hint of the magnificent setting of Hazelton.

I think it's the cinnamon amongst the other baking aromas that got to me.  I smell it now.  Maybe it got onto my laptop.

Here's the owner of the bakery.  She says she's failed in her effort not to eat while at work.  It's been here a year. 

Here's what another blogger had to say:

Hand crafted breads...the Skeena Bakery is more than just a place for goodies.

Bakeries and Coffeeshops

For a tasty, healthy, and socially conscious treat, stop at the Skeena Bakery, a block or so down the highway. It sells coffee and fresh goods that are baked daily using organic flours only. The café is run by a local, not-for-profit grassroots organization that helps people in the area with disabilities gain work experience.

I wandered in, and was greeted by the usual smells associated with good bread and cinny rolls...but also by hello's, "here' siddown's". So I did...and had coffee and chin wag with some of the people of the bakery.

Bob here...was logging years ago, suffered a back injury and after years of one thing and the other..has found himself involved in Hazelton. Bob has fingers in all of the pies, ...Saturday he was manning the bakery case along with Morgan (no pic). . .


  1. Yeah, it's a pretty good bakery - well the only one to be frank. Just wish they would open a little earlier than 9.....

  2. Made it! Nice cinnamon rolls!
    - M


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