Thursday, September 23, 2010

Anchorage - Vancouver Day 3

We're stopped at Skeena Bakery in Hazelton, BC where we could get wifi.  It's a fanastic little spot with wifi in a beautiful town.  I think I could live here. 

Anyway, here are pictures from yesterday.  The fall colors were more than my camera and my modest skills could even hope to capture.  These are maybe 10% of how spectacular it was. 

Sunrise at our campground at Boya Lake. 

Boya Lake

The campsite.
Through the crystal clear water.

A short hike around part of the lake.

And lots of rosehips to nibble on.

J in the birches
Along the road.  Last time we were here this was all mud

A sign said, "Watch for Wildlife" and two minutes later we saw these sheep.  We had three separate black bear sightings.  Two were mom's with cubs.  But they all happened too quickly to take pictures.

Then a sign said "Watch for horses" and two minutes later there it was

These pictures. . . These are tiny faded images of what it was really like.  It was Transcendental.

 We stopped for gas at Dease Lake.  This was the second gas station that was full of these cards - I don't know if it's lottery or rippies, but I watched people spend a $15 - $40 worth.  I also had to call Visa to tell them to unblock our card.  They watch carefully when you get out of your area.  But it took about three or four gas charges before they stopped it.


These two (above and below) were where we had lunch.

And there were a few places we had to stop and wait a bit. 


  1. And well you should be. It was spectacular.

  2. In Hungary we use portable traffic lights at road constructions. I still keep my opinion that I would like to live there.


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