Friday, September 17, 2010

More Signs That Lisa Is Running?

I went to the season introduction at Out North Thursday night - more on that later.    I ran into Pico there and he told me he'd been at the campaign sign graveyard near Ship Creek.

I'm not quite sure where this was but he said there were lots of old, large campaign signs for all different candidates. Theaters like Cyranos and Out North sometimes recycle them when they are making sets.

Anyway, he took these pictures of men gathering the Lisa Murkowski signs and putting them into a truck. Is this a clue about what she might announce Friday?

[All the photos in this post courtesy of Pico.]


  1. Your Royal Dudeship:

    I've just put a link to this post on my Facebook page, under the heading of "Things that make You Say 'Hmmmmmm'."

    You may have scooped the planet on a CERTAIN announcement, scheduled for Friday...........

  2. Alaska republicans have made a bed, lying in it might be ugly.

    Alaska republicans have cleared a trail, if the trail is walked, bear bells, bear spray is common advise.

    I don't like saying this.
    Not one bit.

  3. I see, you will vote as well.


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