Thursday, September 16, 2010

Is Lisa Going To Run?

APRN's interview with Lisa Murkowski today suggests that Lisa is still thinking about doing a write-in campaign.  (Today's (Sept. 16) news isn't up yet on their website, but you should be able to get it here by tomorrow.)

But one of the signs that says to me that there's a very good chance she'll try is Paul Jenkins.  He's been a Republican Party insider for years.   He's done a couple of opinion pieces in the Anchorage Daily News - one strongly urging Murkowski to run as a write-in and the other vehemently attacking Joe Miller.

On September 4 he did a piece titled  Murkowski Was Classy But Wrong,
(wrong for not attacking Miller)  which included this:
With Miller in the race, and her on the sidelines, Democrats have a real chance against Miller, who too easily is painted a far-right tea party whack-job and a Sarah Palin clone who channels Joe Vogler and tilts at windmills. Many people find him very scary. Miller's malarkey plays well to the GOP's sometimes irrational far right, living in its own fantasy world, but he may be unable to clinch the seat when the rest of Alaska catches on.

Then on a September 11 there was,   Miller is full of whoppers, and they keep getting bigger

In this piece he quotes "a pal" named Izzo:
"The bigger the fib, the better. It's like that Hitler deal, lie and lie large, or something like that. It helps, of course, if your audience is dumber than a wet sock.
"That mook with the Democrats, McWhatshisface, can't even answer questions. My man Miller makes up the questions -- and the answers, too. He's great."
He ends his imaginary conversation with Izzo (and the piece) with:
So, what you are telling me is that not only did he lie about Lisa Murkowski and her stands on the federal stimulus, abortion and Obamacare during the primary, his campaign planks and his promises to voters are shaky, too? I ask.
"I'm just saying," Izzo says. "Ya gotta love this guy.
Why would anybody buy this stuff? I ask. Miller's a guy who, three days into the story, did not even know some preacher was about to burn Qurans in Florida. How could any Alaskan be manipulated into backing him? How long before his supporters get it? Who are these people?
"Suckers," Izzo says with a big smile. "Suckers."

Probably I'm naive,  but I can't see how Jenkins could come out and support Miller after trash talking him like this.  And he's surely not going to support a Democrat. So that leaves Lisa as a candidate.

 [Update:  Someone emailed me a quote from Paul Jenkins saying he had to support Tony Knowles over Sarah Palin for Governor. 

Voice of the Times, 11.3.2006

May the Lord have mercy on my soul. I think I have to vote for Tony Knowles. That's right. Tony Knowles. ...
 And remember, Knowles lost to Palin.]

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