Monday, December 29, 2008

Can You Crack the FBI's Code?

[UPDATE March 30, 2011:  The FBI has coded notes posted today that were in the pocket of a 1999  murder victim and is asking the public for help decoding them.]

I've been spending time looking at the FBI webpages while working on another post. This is a copy of their page. The link takes you to the FBI code page with working links.

The page on ciphers is pretty interesting.


  1. Stupendous. We congratulate you on cracking this latest encryption. Visit to let us know of your sucess.

    That it... posted by a Quebecois, on 30dec 2008. Montreal. Benito.

  2. Benito, Congratulations. I assumed this was going to be tricky, but you came back with an answer pretty fast. Way to go.

    Did you see a pattern in the relationship between the plain text alphabet and the crypto alphabet?

  3. ;) did it quick


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