Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The FBI is Looking For Some Code Crackers for 1999 Case

People have been getting to a December 2008 post  titled Can You Crack FBI's Code?  today.  Enough to make me wonder if they had put up a new code.

And they have, only this one isn't a game.  But I guess the success of the gamers (someone sent me the answer to the code nine minutes after I posted it) has spurred the FBI to post a real code that they can't figure out.  There were two coded pieces of paper in the pocket of a murder victim in 1999.  Here's the first note:

You can go to the FBI's site to see the whole story and the other note, and to let them know what it says.  I went to the link of the person who solved the 2008 code so quickly and left a message.  Maybe he can do this one in 20 minutes.

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