Friday, December 12, 2008

First Annual 30 Second (More or Less) Film Festival - Part 1

While the Anchorage International Film Festival has been going on, in Mariana Gonzales' Art 257 class - Computer Art and Design - we had our own mini festival. Actually, it was our last assignment. And Wednesday we saw everyone's videos - many of which included animation. So, for the next couple of days, I'm going to post a couple of the class videos. These are from art students (except mine) most of whom had not done animation or video before. I was impressed with the variety of things people did, though it seems for my fellow students, the music video is a pretty strong influence.

More tomorrow. Mine's not in this bunch.


  1. My almost-middle school sons thought that the airplane one was the funniest and Basil and Guy ran off to draw a man squinting his eyes pink and asked my husband what he thought it was. My husband who'd not seen this but knows how almost 11 & almost 10 year old boys "think," knew: "A guy having a rough time in the bathroom?"

    They laughed sooooo hard!

    I really loved the music in the first one and the second one. . . had me crying. That was too close to my encounters on the slope.

  2. I loved the third one. It was very funny. HAHA


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