Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cold Sun at Seven Below

OK, seven below zero Fahrenheit isn't that cold, not for people in Alaska. And it was colder yesterday here and in other spots in town.

The sun was out, but we didn't feel much heat.


  1. I have been visiting your blog along with a few other progressive Alaskan blogs. I like how you are rational and not emotional. As a fellow Jew (hmm, fellowess Jewess?) I have a certain affinity for you too. And this is why I write .. I am really disturbed by the comments that people are making about the current violence/war in Gaza. Quite honestly, I feel bloggers' hatred and I find it disturbing. I am curious what you opinion is about the Progressive AK site (since you have it on your list of blogs)... after doing a bit of research, it's clear that I am not the first to wonder about these things. A big part of me really wants to simply bury my head in the sand ... but I remain disturbed by it all. Just wondering what your opinion is about this stuff.


  2. Jessica, complicated story. I thought I'd posted on Israel's dilemma before, but couldn't find it searching my blog.

    Progressives get into the human rights aspects of things and Israel gives them plenty to get excited about. But I also think Israel is held to a higher standard than most other countries. I doubt there are any countries, which if they found themselves in the situation Israel is in, wouldn't do the same. Certainly, the US found it necessary to protect itself by fighting five thousand miles away.

    Anyone who has actually been in Israel understands how tiny and vulnerable it is geographically. What would Anchorage do if we were being shelled from Chugach State Park?

    That's pretty much what Israel is facing. That said, I tend to believe that had Israel provided housing, health care, and education to people in Gaza - or gotten others to do it - 15 years ago or more, that they would be in a much better place.

    When fear gets in the way of reason, rarely is the outcome good.

  3. How cold is that in Celsius? Here it is around -10°C here.

  4. One of my best friends is in Israel and she is an Orthodox Jew. I asked her about the pictures I've seen of Israeli kids writing messages on bombs because it seemed not right. She said that "JEWISH MOMS DON'T LET THEIR KIDS AROUND BOMBS! (Thank you for asking.)" She said they don't get an overprotective stereotype for nothing! She was raised in a similar environment to me, where you respect live ammo, you don't flipping write on it or send your kids around it.

    The propaganda is terrible.

    Didn't Israel used to rule Palestine? I am recalling the 6 Day War with Egypt, Syria, Jordan and. . . Lebanon? You guys (Israel-- you probably were not there, Steve) turned around and kicked some tail and a treaty was brought up with Egypt. (I remember watching In the News on Saturday mornings! My brain took in more when I was 3!)

    A lot of my friends are posting stuff on their blogs and FB pages that is anti-Israel. I can understand how anti-Jewish propaganda took off with Hitler and ENOUGH of the population believed it. Show enough of it and it starts to sink in.


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