Thursday, December 04, 2008

AIFF - Shorts in Competition Schedule

The Short films will be shown in groups with other short films and they have names that, perhaps after we see the films, will make sense. I've looked through the groups to find out when the ones in competition will be shown. I'm told they will be shown in the order they are listed. So if one you want to see is first at one venue and another is last at another, you could possibly pull that off. Good to get a pass of some sort rather than pay all the separate admissions if you're going to try that.

In any case, I've gone through them and tried to pick out the Short Films in Competition - those eligible to win prizes at the Award Ceremony, Saturday, Dec. 13.

But, it's possible I missed one or two, and that I haven't gotten all the details exactly right - so when you find something you want to see, double check the official Festival Program Guides at their website. Also, there will probably be a few changes now and again. Click the chart to enlarge it.

I've stolen the descriptions right from the AIFF website. I just don't have time to do more at this point.


Germany – 14 min. - Short In Competition

Directed by Jochen Alexander Freydank

Date completed: September 2007

Germany 1942: In order to protect her son Marianne Meißner tried to make him believe that the Jewish neighbors are going on a journey to “Toyland”.

Square Pegs

USA – 20 min. - Short In Competition

Directed by Ben Hicks

Date completed: May 2007

A teenage girl, her childish mother and her younger sister find themselves in a strange restaurant.

Reality Show

Mexico – 16 min. - Short In Competition

Directed by Federico Schmucler

Date completed: 2007

Can a TV reality show change the course of your own life?

Open Your Eyes

USA – 15 min. - Short In Competition

Directed by Susan Cohen

Date completed: May 2008

A journey of self-discovery begins when a woman diagnosed with breast cancer finds herself locked in a bathroom with a stranger during a bridal shower.

The film maker is scheduled to attend the screening.


Belgium – 19 min. - short In Competition

Directed by Jeroen Bogaert

Date completed September 2007

Martha is a passionate dancer. She and her company are at the verge of international success. A coming tour will make her ambitions come true. However, she is 7 weeks pregnant and keeps this delicate matter secret from her colleagues and boyfriend.

Land Gewinnen (Gaining Ground)

Germany – 20 min. - Short In Competition

Directed by Marc Brummund

Date completed: June 2007

A young illegal immigrant couple spends their time furtively avoiding the German authorities, until the wellbeing of their young son dictates that they resolve their untenable situation.

Animated American

USA, 15 min. short In Competition

Directed by James Baker & Joe Haidar

Date completed: May 2008


A 'toon hating executive has a hare raising experience when he meets an out of work toon rabbit.

The producer, Susan Cohen is scheduled to attend the screening.


UK – 18 min. - Short In Competition

Directed by Paul Gowers

Date completed: January 2008

A black comedy. One small random act of malice forces an ordinary man off the safe road and on to a dark journey that he'll never forget.

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