Sunday, December 07, 2008

Democrats elect Republican First Vietnamese-American Congressman and Say No to Corruption

Despite predictions to the contrary, Louisiana Democrats ousted indicted, black Congressman William Jefferson, and elected the first Vietnamese-American Congressman yesterday in an election that was postponed by Hurricane Gustav. Actually, the Hurricane pushed the primary election to Nov. 4 and the final election to yesterday.

Contrast this to Alaskans who almost reelected Ted Stevens despite his being convicted. Alaskan Republicans voted for Stevens. But in an overwhelmingly black and Democratic district in New Orleans, voters elected Republican Anh "Joseph" Cao. Now Alaskan Republicans can say, "But Jefferson had $99,000 in cash in his freezer." My response would be that Stevens had $150,000 in improvements in his house. What's the difference?

Associated Press

Joseph Cao

NEW ORLEANS - In a stunning victory, a little-known Vietnamese-American Republican candidate defeated nine-time Democratic Congressman William Jefferson in a majority African-American district with a very small number of Republican registered voters.

Anh ‘Joseph” Cao received 33,122 votes, or 49 percent to Jefferson’s 31,296, or 47 percent in the race for the Second Congressional District seat from Louisiana. He becomes the nation's first Vietnamese-American Congressman.

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