Wednesday, December 24, 2008

December Anchorage Sun and Snow, Copying 8mm Film

I found some 8mm film labeled Thailand a while back. I wanted to transfer it to digital and put it on a DVD so I could take it with me to Thailand when I return in a couple of weeks. I'm not even sure what's on it, I just know it was taken around 1967-68.
Someone lent me an old 8mm projector and a Copy Kit - a mirror that projects the image onto a plastic screen. Then I'm supposed to video tape the screen. I tried just running the film.

But the projector chewed up my 3 foot leader. Then I got some of it to work, but then the film broke. Again the film was being crumpled up somewhere in the process. I mentioned this to a friend the other day who said he had an old projector that probably wouldn't eat the film. So today I went over and interrupted him clearing his driveway and street to borrow it.

It snowed yesterday and today the sky is clear. These were shot between 10:25am and 10:30am this morning. The sunrise here in Anchorage was officially 10:15am. The picture with the bike crossing the street is looking south on Lake Otis, at 36th. There's enough trees and whatever to hide the just up sun rising from the south.

Here's a peek to the left (east) at the mountains. This is where 36th changes its name to Providence.

Now, later on, about 2:30pm, you can actually see the sun, maybe 6˚ or 7˚ above the horizon. But solstice is past so every day now we're gaining some light.

I'm setting up this new projector and let's see if I can get some of this film digitized without destroying too much of the old film.


  1. Steve! Having spent a number of years with the AMIPA folks at Out North, I can tell you that Kevin Tripp (who still works there, I think) knows all about these transfers and they can do it. Please give Michelle a call --they obviously know you -- and see if they can help.

    Better a few dollars than lost film, right? And thank you for the winter photos. We went to carol services last night and heard some beautiful choirs and then took a walk home along the Thames, where we see Tower Bridge... It too, was beautiful.

  2. I heard in the news that there were many accidents in the US due to treacherous weather conditions. I hope you managed to avoid accidents. Happy Holidays!


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