Monday, December 01, 2008

Ahhhhh. Fresh Snow

It was a bit chillier today - about 10˚F (-12˚C) when I walked to class today, but the sun was out. It's getting lower on the southern horizon, so if there are any big trees or hills south of you, you end up in the shade. Here's a bit of woods as I walked the bike trail across campus.

The creek is moving fast enough to keep flowing and doesn't usually freeze up unless it stays really cold for a long time.

But I wouldn't want to dip my foot in it.

See, there's the sunlight, up in the tree tops.

And there were several bikers taking advantage of the well groomed trail on campus.

Finally, I got to the Art/Theater building. My fingers getting pretty cold from pulling off the gloves to take pictures.

Some of the other students are doing really spectacular animations. One has a hummingbird flying - he's really nailed it. I guess I just have to do a lot more frames so the movement isn't so jerky. Someone else has a woman walking/dancing. It's sketched out and really looks natural. Well, mine isn't nearly as polished. I need to do more work, but it will never be like theirs. But the point will get across.

On the way home, a few hours later, I chose the indoor route. You can get most of the way across campus inside. There's also a shuttle bus - I should have gotten a picture - but I figure I can walk almost as fast and I need the exercise. Anyway, as I was taking this picture of the hockey team practice (it's for you especially Ropi) I heard a voice asking, "Is that going on the blog?"

And there was PJ, still getting used to being retired, who was moving books. So, this one is for Mimi.


  1. Wow, PJ Hill retired. That took me by surprise, but then I looked at his picture. We've all gotten older!

    Then I think to Gene and I and so many Americans without pension. For all the millions of people in so many places who hadn't worked for companies who would offer or honor assistance to employee retirement. I think of firefighters and police unions in Anchorage making the claim that their service must be honored, while so many who also give so much don't get so honored. Then I see Fortune 500 companies going to Congress to ask to retool their pension commitments in order to retain today's workers.

    One of the hurtful things we encountered after our years of serving Out North, is that when it came time for us to leave, the board didn't feel it could give us honoraria or severance. There was no retirement plan. It happens so often with so many organizations: not enough money. So we continue working, because we must, while friends who worked for large companies and government get pensions.

    I'm not angry at my friends. It pains me to know there is such variance in how people are treated in a 'free market' society. It is yet another area, like health care, where socialism has a policy purpose. I just wish we would come to realize the cost to inaction in these matters of basic economic justice.

    We find the money to bail out the financial metasystem and the people go without because of the fierce belief that only a free market provides for everyone. Well, it doesn't.

  2. What a treat to see my Dad on my blog reader!

    Thanks Steve


  3. Thanks Steve! He looks a little sad... I think it's the prospect of losing his office -- his refuge. I have this idea that all these retired guys ought to rent a space that they can go to... a few cubicles, maybe a recliner or two. You heard it hear first.

  4. get yourself a pair of glove liners, then when you take off your gloves to take photos you'll still have the liners, a lot better than bare hands.


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