Wednesday, December 10, 2008

AIFF - Streetsweeper named Best Feature at Festivial

I'd been hearing rumors while I was checking on the festival about which film had been chosen for the best feature award. The festival people were caught between getting promotion for people to see the best feature at the Saturday night showing and keeping it secret until the awards ceremony. Publicity won out. I knew the winner was supposed to be posted today, so I emailed to check. I had to decide if I was going to Dream Boy or Streetsweeper at 8pm tonight. If Streetsweeper was the winner, I'd go to Dream Boy. They were going to post the winner on the website at 6pm. I checked with Tony before the 5:30pm movie tonight so I'd know which movie to watch and wrote a post announcing the winner to go up at 6:15pm.

But after the first movie, How To Be, I checked the website and there was nothing there. So I took my post down. But I talked to Rand and he said he was so busy with visiting film makers and doing Bear Tooth business that it didn't get up. But apparently it will be in the ADN tomorrow, and he said to put it back up.

So Streetsweeper was named the best feature. That means it will show again Saturday night at the Bear Tooth at 8pm.

I understand the director Neil Mansfield was supposed to arrive from Australia today and should be at tonight's showing of the movie at 8pm at the Museum. But I'll catch it Saturday night, because tonight is the only time I can watch Dream Boy.

Congratulations Neil.

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  1. Thanks Steve, meet me for a beer after the film on saturday night. Cheers Neil M.


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