Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Night Video and Some Results

Here's a bit of video to give you a sense of the evening downtown.

[This is a new version with a short clip added of state house candidate Pete Petersen that inadvertently got left out in the original.)

And here's Alaska's disconnect from the rest of the US (for latest results):


  1. Well, if I was an American I wouldn't be satisfied with the outcome with the election. For a few days I couldn't comment on your blog because it didn't let.

  2. Ropi, What specifically about the outcome are you concerned with? Sorry about the comment problem. I like having the box already open, but you do have to pick an identity and that's not as clear with this new system.

  3. Well, I was talking about the presidental election mainly. That Ted Stevens guy reminds me to the Peace of Szatmár (1711). I will explain it soon. As far as I know Ted Stevens is going to be sent to prison due to corruption, at least It was said on CNN but he was still elected if I read the numbers well from the figure. I find it weird.
    If it is true what I mentioned above, then the history repeats itself (more or less).
    There was an uprising lead by Ferenc Rákoczi II (Rákoczy uprising) from 1703 until 1711. That uprising was against the Hapsburg rule in Hungary and the uprising was closed by the Peace Treaty of Szatmár in the summer of 1711. Some time before the peace (as far as I know 2 weeks) Joseph I (the emperor of the Hapsburg Empire) died and the peace treaty was made by him because the Hungarians haven't heard that he died.
    Oh now I became enthusiastic and other examples popped to my mind. Soliman I (ottoman Sultan) died in 1566 during the siege of Szigetvár (he was old) and he was bounded to the chair to make him seem alive because Ottomans were very superstitious and a dead sultan can be a bad sign for them.

  4. Ropi, as far as I know, Ted Stevens is still alive. But robot technology is getting pretty good these days.

    There are still about 50,000 questioned and absentee ballots uncounted. So there is a chance that Alaskans won't be the complete laughingstock of the nation.

  5. I know he is alive but electing someone who can't represent you is like making a peace with a death.
    It is a bit as Elvis Presley still earns more money than most of us and he is dead and we are alive so life is weird.


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