Saturday, November 15, 2008

Anchorage, Alaska Prop 8 Protest

We went to lend our support to today's protest. Everyone was polite and friendly. I went up into the new parking garage to take this picture. Another man was there also taking a picture. I said I counted about 70 people, two more including us. He said, "I can't be there. I'm a teacher. I just can't risk it." Wow. We aren't just talking marriage here. I hope he's being overly cautious. He knows he has legal rights, but "people can make my life miserable." His partner did join the crowd, but he's retired. So, while I think it probably is overkill, I've tried to cut out or blur any faces that might otherwise be recognizable. I think the people there were willing to have their pictures here, but I didn't get a chance to ask everyone. (If you'd like your face visible, go to my profile and email me. Any obviously visible face is with permission of the person.)

News people are the exception to the blur rule.

After marching through downtown this way and that way, the group stopped for a picture at city hall. Then went on marching further. We were getting hungry so we slipped into the Teriyaki Box for some noodles.
Then we headed back to the car and off to the Native Heritage Center open house. As we got back to the Atwood Building, the sky was opening up a bit.

[Update: someone posted more pictures at Northernvisions.]

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