Saturday, November 15, 2008

Anchorage International Film Festival Selections Available

The 2008 Anchorage International Film Festival (AIFF) selections have been posted on the AIFF website. You could keep pretty busy December 5-14 just watching movies. Here's a list of the selected features:

Butterfly Dreaming • Director Rufus Williams • 84 Min. Seattle/Australia

Bart Got a Room • Director Brian Hecker • 80 min. USA

Carrot Cake Conversations • Director Michael Wang • 97 min. Singapore

Chronic Town • Director Tom Hines • 94 min. Alaska/USA

Coyote • Director Brian Peterson • 95 min. USA

Half-life • Director Jennifer Phang • 116 min. USA

How to Be • Director Oliver Irving • 85 min. England/UK

Jar City (MYRIN) • Director Baltasar Kormakur • 93 min. Iceland

Moon And Other Lovers (Der Mond und Andere Liebhaber) • Director Bernard Bohlich • 102 min. Germany

Offside • Director Joffre Silva • 82 min. Brazil

The Project • Director Ryan Piotrowicz • 82 mins. USA/NYC

Resurrection County • Director Matt Zettell • USA

Skid Marks • Writter Don Rearden • 85 min. • USA

Sky in December (Jyunigatu no Sora) • Director Hiroshi Toda • 83 min. Japan

Streetsweeper • Director Neil Mansfield • 72 min. Australia

Vanaja • Director Rajnesh Domalpalli • 111 min. India

The Festival website itself has all the rest (about 150 films total) including about 40 animated films. This is a great chance to see interesting movies (and a few duds) before the rest of the world gets to see them. And in many cases you can talk to the director and other members of the cast and crew.

Last year's entry, Taxi to the Dark Side, went on to be the Academy Award Winner for Best Documentary. To whet your appetite the 2007 AIFF's best feature - The Clown and the Führer - can be seen on YouTube. [Whoops, it's just the trailer. I thought it was strange to have the whole, but I read 1:42 as an hour and 42 minutes.]

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