Friday, November 07, 2008

Interesting October Google (and other) Searches

Well, using Google analytics, I've got the last 30 days or so. By far the most popular page was President and Vice President Job Duties with almost 2500 folks going there. It gained renewed interest after Sarah Palin talked about the vice president job duties. It also seemed that a lot of teachers gave assignments on that topic judging from the number of people search vp duties from schools. They got there googling a variety of phrases like:
  • "what does the 5 things a vice president of the united states do" Part of me thinks google should have a message that says, "No hits until you fix your grammar." But only if it's coming from a computer using English.
  • job without duties (vp) - item without comment

The next highest was Victor Lebow's Complete Original 1955 Article

Some of the unique search terms were:

  • "men that are gay having sex whet aman" - That got the person to the Eliot Spitzer post

  • "what do bears know that people don't" - This one got to the posts on wildlife in Anchorage

  • "famous people born on lunar eclipses" - "famous poeple born" get a lot of people to the post on Famous People Born 1908 . Nothing there about eclipses though.

  • "will do what's best for the people in tapping into that position and ushering in an agenda that is supportive with the president?s agenda in that position" - from Paris, on a Spanish language Mac - I hope they weren't learning English using Palin's interviews

  • "what do people look like in alaska" - Pale? What sort of answer was this person expecting?

  • "what part of alaska do moose come from?" - Moose Pass?

  • "how do you pronounce teklanika" - They got a bit about Teklanika, but no help pronouncing it. For the record people say Tek Kla NEE Ka. And while we're at it, the 1989 oil spill was near Val Deez, even though it's spelled Valdez.

  • "anyone ever get in trouble for leaving off a dependent to join the military" - from someone in Oklahoma- is this like the new laws about dropping off kids you can't handle?

  • "teeth been sold out" - got to “Bear Tooth vp debate sold out” - from the UK

  • "mccarthy alaska 4th july videos" - Here's a Google screw up. They got an archive page in July, but not the videos of July 4th in McCarthy

  • "tiberius gracchus and obama" - did someone else really make this association between these two folks, or had they seen the post once and were trying to find it again?

  • "governors appointing themselves us senators" - hmmm, wonder what could have spurred this query? Sarah, any thoughts?

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