Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Anchorage International Film Festival Selections - Documentaries

Here's the list of the Documentary Features and Shorts for the AIFF. The Festival site doesn't have links up yet, so I've done what I could to fill in a bit of information on the films.

The program guide is available in PDF form. The website also says the program guide will be in the Press on November 26.

It would be nice if they had information on getting tickets on their site and prices. There are ads in the Press and ADN that say tickets are available at Bear Tooth, but that's what the website is for. If the info is there, I can't find it.

There are three focusing on Alaska - one on moving the village of Shishmareff, one on Pebble Mine, and one on a junk trip from Washington to Valdez. Another fish movie is about an Oregon tribe's battle to remove dams and bring back the salmon.


A Nashville State of Mind • John-Martin Vogel • 88 min. USA
The alternative music scene in Nashville.

A Powerful Noise • Tom Cappello & Scott • 91 min. USA
"A documentary film about women changing the world. "

Ballou • Michael Patrei • 83 min. USA This film is about a marching band.

Crawford • David Modigliani • 74 min. USA

Junk Dreams • By Skye Borgman • 73 min. USA

Rachel: A Perfect LifeFiona Cochrane • 91 hr/min Australia This is one where the topic might cause some people to pass (single mother, brain surgery, epilepsy) but one reviewer (?) writes:
"This film's appeal lies in the personality of its subject, Rachel Ouchirenko, and her truly brave and forthright approach to solving her biggest problem."

Secrets to Love • Tracie Donahue
• 63 min. USA
"Director Tracie Donahue searches for the answers to finding (and maintaining) a healthy, happy love, by asking real couples and relationship experts the most important questions."

The Last Days of Shishmaref • Jan Louter
• 88 min. Netherlands
This is a Dutch film about an Alaskan village. It looks like an important movie for urban Alaskans to see

The Wrecking Crew • Denny Tedesco • 98 min. USA
About a group of studio musicians in the late 60's who backed up the hottest groups of the late 60s in LA. The music will be good at least, based on the songlist.

Upstream Battle • Ben Kempas • 97 min. Germany
Native Americans on the Klamath River fight for their fish – against an energy corporation. Their struggle may trigger the largest dam removal project in history.


Leave Her to Die • Antonia Thomson
• 49 min. Canada
"A 2 year old baby girl lay alone on a bamboo mat in a government orphanage in Northern Thailand"

Red Gold • Travis Rummel
• 54 min. USA
Produced by Felt Soul Media and Trout Unlimited Alaska, Red Gold is a one-hour documentary film on the proposed Pebble Mine told through the voices of commercial, subsistence and sport fishermen of Bristol Bay, Alaska.

Reefer Madness • Steve Hanson • 23 min. Canada
Can't find much on this one - Canadian freight train graffiti artist Fatso's trip across Canada.

Splitting Hairs • F Stone Roberts • 28 min. USA
The synopsis begins:
Facial hair championships began 30 years ago in the Black Forest of Germany. “Beard Clubs” organized social gatherings that gradually became competitive. Over time, the championships drew competitors from across Europe, but it was not until the early 1990’s that American pioneers Bruce Roe and Phil Olsen discovered the event.

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  1. Well, to be honest these are not the documentaries I would gladly watch.


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