Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Last Minute Sleaze Arrives - Don Young Flyer Lies About VECO Influence

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We forgot to check our mail yesterday, so I looked in our mailbox when I got home from poll watcher training tonight. In with the mail was this flyer (see below.) To suggest that Ethan Berkowitz is a VECO supporter is a totally outrageous and deceptive accusation. For the Don Young campaign to do is unbelievable. (The flyer says "Paid for by Alaskans for Clean Elections." Clearly this is NOT from the group that sponsored the clean election amendment in the primary. Only Don Young supporters would have an interest in something like this.)

1. VECO regularly hosted the pig roasts and raised tons of money for Don Young. At the three political trials last year, VECO President Bill Allen (whose picture is on the flyer) and VECO Vice President Rick Smith talked about the pig roasts, about golf tournaments, and other events where Don Young was the recipient of VECO largesse.

2. VECO doesn't exist. They were sold to CH2M Hill over a year ago. So VECO made no campaign contributions for this year's campaign. Checking the website link on the flyer, looking up contributors to Ethan Berkowitz, there is a $500 contribution from Bill Allen and one from Rick Smith for the year 2000. That is 8 years ago! Apparently that was their last contribution to Berkowitz. Since 2000, Don Young has received $116,000 from VECO!!!

(Click on picture to enlarge)

3. Ethan Berkowitz is the state representative who stood up on the floor of the House and protested that VECO officers were giving instructions to Republican legislators during the House debate in June 2006. You can hear that his comments at the link below. (Click on the Yellow button with the black arrow.)(First you hear Rep. Weyhrauch explaining why he was changing his vote. The Berkowitz comes on and argues forcefully against the VECO team telling legislators like Weyhrauch how to vote.)
[Nov. 5: I've cut the audio of Berkowitz because it is so annoying to have it come on automatically and Jamglue where it's hosted has messed with the embeds so I can't change it to NOT play automatically. You can still listen to it here.]


  1. Your signature system threw out my usual ID, so I'm posting my name here as Jay in UK. Guess I'll have to be anon until I figure out what happened to a previously simpler log on procedure, Steve...

    A humorist on British television last Friday said of the elections in the US and a particular candidate from Wasilla that she, "...puts the 'Alas' in Alaska."

    It's good to find a moment to laugh when things can be so ridiculously wrong such as this flier.

  2. I switched to this new system that puts the post box in with the comments. Didn't the little comment as drop down window below allow you what you needed?

    I just tried it and under open id, it let me put in Steve. Let's see what that does.

    I get a notice that the OpenID credentials could not be verified. I see your problem.

    OK, it looks like Name/URL works in Preview, you don't need to put in a URL.

  3. I got something from Carl Gatto lamenting the negativity of this campaign. I like the man, well, OK, I am sick of him because he is surface sweet, and the only negativity was what he threw at Erick Cordero. (Mr. Transparency was keeping Menardo from being negative because he is pretty much seated.)

    He has been a jerk to David Cheezem who is an intellectual and sharp. The only negativity came from Carl, but he said it was negative and implied that it came from David,then told about things that he did that he should have done. Next thing you know we will award him a prize when he covers his mouth when he sneezes.


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