Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Driveway's Good, My Back Isn't

There were several new inches of snow this morning and I went out to clear the driveway. Our new neighbors had already shoveled the sidewalk all the way to our driveway! I like these neighbors. The snow was soft and dry and it was easy to clear, but I could also feel a little stitch in my lower left back. I put ice on it as soon as I got in, but I'm still walking funny. The deck in back is going to have to wait. But it's pretty and if I don't clear it now, there won't be any cars driving on it to make it much harder to clear later.

The table is open for tomorrow and J has a turkey hiding in our refrigerator. Being mostly vegetarian means that Thanksgiving is still turkey. But she did get another range grown organic bird. If you want the organic spiel, with video, you can look at last year's turkey post.


  1. Here snow is melting. Get better. I have knee pains sometimes all of sudden but these are due to my former floorball goalie career.

  2. Thank you, I feel that quiz was more or less realistic at least at result because I doubt I would get "liberal" as result at any quiz. Maybe a 70%-30% to conservative is true to me at least in my opinion.


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