Thursday, November 27, 2008

Coup Coming in Thailand?

The ADN finally had a picture of the protests in Thailand on the front page of the B section yesterday. I guess Alaskans could be affected by the Bangkok airport being shut down so they thought it was news.

For those who want to know more about what's happening, Bangkok Pundit keeps a running account with links to news sources:

A Coup in the Works?

Posted by Bangkok Pundit | 11/27/2008 03:08:00 PM [remember they are about 16 hours ahead of Anchorage, so this report is about an hour old as I'm posting]

Thai Rath reports that PPP MPs believe there will be a coup tonight and are going to mobolise "red shirts". Also, that all 6 coalition parties agreed to use legal measures against the PAD who have broken the law to try to provoke a coup. PPP MPs have promised to mobolise not less than 20,000 persons per MP.

In Bangkok, MPs from the coalition parties will ask people to bring their cars on the streets or taxis to close roads to prevent a coup. The coalition parties believe a coup will happen tonight..

They are also going to release details of the financial backers of the PAD especially Bangkok Bank and Kasikorn bank. They will need to ask society's questions and explain to the people why they shouldn't withdraw their money. They will also opppose the purchase of goods from PAD supporting companies. They believe there will be no bloodshed.

Surapong has disclosed that 33 MPs have written a letter to the PM to fire Anupong. He says there is a "smell" of a coup in the air.

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  1. Is Asia unstable or are the goings-on in Mumbai completely separate from Thailand?


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