Friday, November 28, 2008

Minor Quake

The house just moved a bit. I'd guess it was under 3.5, but it all depends on how far away it was and how deep down.
[Update: Saturday, 1pm]: When I looked at the link on the 3.5, it said

Less than 3.5   Generally not felt, but recorded.

which meant that I was probably wrong. So I just checked and found this:

So today I found all this on the USGS (United States Geologic Survey) site:

So it was about 150 miles north (as the raven flies).

It was a bit unnerving to see all the recent earthquake activity in Alaska. Most of this we never feel in Anchorage. Alaska is just to the right of the middle near the very top with all the little red and orange boxes.


  1. My dramatic children were acting like they were on a roller coaster. I think they get the sense of drama from my husband. . .

  2. Well it is not so dangerous as long as something falls from a shelve and hits you. I am master of having dumb accidents. On new Years eve I decorated the kitchen with paper stuff while the water was boiling and the water burnt the paper stuff and it touched my clothes but luckily it was only painful and the shirt didn't injure.


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