Thursday, November 13, 2008

British Petroleum's New Moose Not Kept in the Dark

From BP's website:
We work hard to minimize the environmental impact of our operations.

This shot was taken about 10pm on Wednesday night. Either British Petroleum's employees are all working late, or they have trouble turning off the lights when they go home.

Attention to little things that adds up. If they can't turn off the lights at night in Anchorage, what little things are they forgetting on the North Slope?


  1. I have noticed this for years ... these lights are NEVER shut off, from what I can tell. It baffles me! I guess when you have profits such as the oil companies, you simply do not have to conserve anything.


  2. A recent New York Times article suggests that the lights are on to "show off" the big buildings (Ken Belson "Efficieny's Mark: City Glitters a Little Less" Nov. 1, 2008). Seems silly to me. Anyway, it looks like the times are changing -- some buildings now are lit up just in silhouette or on the top.

  3. Actually, Steve, I seem to remember a story in the ADN years ago on just this subject of modern buildings. The response, if I recall correctly, was that heating systems in these buildings make use of the lights and that it doesn't pay to turn them off for the offsetting costs in energy to heat. And cleaning crews -- yeah, cleaning crews.

    Seemed to have shut us up the first time it was raised. But how this all works when outside temps exceed indoor temps, I don't know.


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