Saturday, November 01, 2008

Art for Art's Sake

What with the trip to LA and all, I didn't get to post the project I turned in for my computer art class. I wrote about the instructions earlier and showed what the professor demonstrated. Since I was headed out of town, I did a number of different projects and then turned in the one that I did in the required 30 minute time limit.

This is the display with all the student products. (Like usual, you can double click to enlarge the pictures.) Mine's in there somewhere.

It really is pretty amazing what the computer can do for you. A lot of what comes out is 'accidental' as you explore the different filters that can cause all sorts of interesting effects. But we did all stick within the guidelines. And the similarity shows. Even though they are all very different. Below are some practice eggs I did. These didn't get done under the time limit, not even close. But I got better using the Photoshop tools as I did them.

All the horizons in the original examples were at the top, so of course I had to do one with the horizon at the bottom. There's even an underwater filter which helps give it the watery sense. I tried the shafts of light because Mariano had done that in one of his demonstrations. His looked a lot better than mine.

Based on the three practice eggs, can you figure out which one is mine in the group display? If you figure three rows A, B, C, you can identify your guess as say A1 for the top left egg, or C6 for the bottom right egg.

The new project is to take four pictures and combine them all in one "fantasy" picture. I'll try to post mine on Tuesday if it's ready.

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