Sunday, December 08, 2013

AIFF2013: Sunday Planning - Surfing, Mountain Climbing, Iran, Mexico, Internet Dating, And More

Tonight (well, it's already Sunday morning) I'm getting 8 hours sleep, so I need to do this quick.
NOTE 1:  Everything except Everything Is Fine Here (6pm at Museum) and Hank and Asha (8pm at Bear Tooth)  is at Alaska Experience Theaters.
NOTE 2:  The full schedule with times, locations, and links is below the text.

Sunday starts with an easy choice

11am Mountain Climbing docs.  It's the only thing on and Grand Rescue is one of the Docs in competition. 

1pm is an Alaskan Surfing movie Alaska Sessions: Surfing The Last Frontier.  I have a brief video with the director Fred Dickerson here.  Fred will, I'm sure, be at the showing.   But

1:30pm is Detroit Unleaded, one of the Features in Competition.  And one of the film makers is scheduled to be there.  About an Arab-American working in a gas station. (Like that tells you the whole movie.  But I haven't seen it so can't tell you more.)

Problems after that.

3pm  Reel/Real Life Shorts - starts with Anatomy of an Injury and Fucking Tøs (Damn Girl) both of which are in competition.  Second from the end is Reel Life - a ten minute British short that I got to see already.  This is like punning in the language of film.  It's a lot of fun and raises good questions about film making.  Definitely worth seeing. Don't read anything about it. Anything about the movie is a spoiler.  Just see it. The director Laurence Relten is scheduled to be at the festival, but for the 3pm showing next Saturday (Dec. 14). 

The problem is that 9 Full Moons is at 3:30.  This is a feature that I'm told is good plus it has an extra bonus for Anchorage folks - Cindy and Malcolm Roberts' son Bret is the male lead.

A second showing of Mine Games has been added to the schedule, replacing The New World, which had had three showings.  After seeing Mine Games and The New World yesterday, I think the original programers got it right. But tonight I need to sleep.  If you like eight young adults for a fun weekend in an isolated house in the woods that begins with a car accident, one guy who is repeatedly asked if he's taken his meds, an abandoned mine with dead bodies, young men acting out, consumption of magic mushrooms, plus a gratuitous sex scene, then don't let me stop you from going to Mine Games.  It's just not my taste. See my video with Director Richard Gray  who will be there Sunday too.

Then to the museum: 
6pm - Everything is Fine Here - an Iranian feature and the director is scheduled to be there with a local translator.

The Mexican Shorts at 7:45pm should be very good and they are only showing once.  I could end up there.  And Harlem Street Singer at 8:15 is one of the docs in competition and should also be dynamite.  It at least shows again next Sunday at 1pm.

I'm planning on Hank and Asha at 8 at the Bear Tooth.  This is one of the features in competition and the director is scheduled to be there.  This promises to be a feel good movie about a couple who meet and date online.

So, no, I'm not going to give you a must see list.  You have to make your own choices, but there are lots of good ones. 

Sunday, December 8th
11:00 AM

Documentary Program | 96 min.

Alaska Experience Theater - Large Theater
1:00 PM

Frederick Dickerson, Matthew McNeill 2012 | Documentary | 87 min.
Alaska Experience Theater - Large Theater
1:30 PM

Rola Nashef 2012 | Feature | 90 min.
** Note: Filmmaker attending
Alaska Experience Theater - Small Theater
3:00 PM

Shorts Program | 98 min.
screens with...
Alaska Experience Theater - Large Theater
3:30 PM

Tomer Almagor | Feature | 103 min.
** Note: Filmmaker attending
Alaska Experience Theater - Small Theater
5:30 PM

Richard Gray 2012 | Feature | 96 min.
Alaska Experience Theater - Large Theater
6:00 PM

pourya azarbayjani 2012 | Feature | 75 min.
** Note: Filmmaker attending
Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center
6:30 PM

samit kakkad 2012 | Feature | 94 min.
Alaska Experience Theater - Small Theater
7:45 PM

Mexican Film Program | 87 min.
screens with...
Alaska Experience Theater - Large Theater
8:00 PM

James E. Duff 2012 | Feature | 73 min.
** Note: Filmmaker attending
Bear Tooth Theatre
8:15 PM

Trevor Laurence, Simeon Hutner 2013 | Documentary | 77 min.

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