Friday, March 05, 2010

UA Presidential Candidates in Juneau

Here's a bit of video from each of the candidates. 

It took a while to get the video up - my laptop memory was getting too full and had to get backed up and more space made available.  I'm going to put these three videos up with minimal comment.  But you can hear the quote I gave in the previous post on Gen. Gamble about his management style - at about 7:45 into the second video.  

I figured I should spend more time with the people I didn't know and particularly with the person that Alaska knows least - Dr. Lisa Rossbacher.  The conference room at the Centennial Center in downtown Juneau was divided into four parts.  A common room with food in the center, and three curtained off rooms, with one candidate in each room.

For the first session I went to see Dr. Rossbacher.

Dr. Rossbacher answers questions about her experiences lobbying the Georgia legislature, how a PhD is important.  Along the way she mentions her research on below surface water on Mars, and her  week in Houston as an Astronaut finalist.

Gen. Patrick Gamble answers questions about his experience dealing with the legislature, his assessment of the current University of Alaska main campuses, and his experience in academia.

I went to hear Chancellor Pugh on the third round (the candidates stayed in one place and the audiences switched rooms to see them.)  I'm afraid my video doesn't capture too much.  As you can see in the video, he's talking about pretty micro level issues about specific classes. That may well be a result of the questions he got.  But I didn't stay the whole time.  I went back to hear more from Dr. Rossbacher, the least known candidate. 

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