Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Ever since I was a college student and wandered around campus looking at the names of the buildings, I wanted to be able to put up plaques that said how the donors really made their money, how many people they screwed over, and how this building was a way to buy some sort of respectability.  Not everyone who makes such a donation has a nefarious past, and maybe most got their money through hard, honest work and good fortune and genuinely want to give back to society.  But even back then I wanted to peel back the facade and see where the money really came from.

This blog reflects that need to get below the surface.  So this video caught my attention.  What an honest political ad (courtesy of ifc at Youtube) would look like:


  1. It's a laugh, of course, but how do we propose to situate politics so it less frequently attracts or rewards this parody participant? Suggestions, please.

    This is the perennial problem of a republic. We cede our power to others and find fault with them. Hey, be different. Give it a go. Run for office.


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