Sunday, June 12, 2011

Seattle Shots

Some pictures I took while in Seattle.

Walking up into Seattle from the underground light rail station.

How do you know your dog was stolen?  I guess if it had a collar and tags and it was spotted with someone else.  Later we saw the same dog on a Lost poster.

Lunch at KauKau's

In the bus tunnel

Ferry from Bainbridge Island to Seattle

Waterless Urinal

Graduation at UW Botanical Garden

I was reminded of the Berlin football fans as I saw all these people with green jerseys and a number with scarves.  But they hadn't had near as much beer as the Berliners and they weren't chanting for their team.  Looking now, I see it ended a 2-2 with the Vancouver Whitecaps.

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  1. I'm reminded there are good places in America. Thanks for the photos.


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