Monday, June 13, 2011

Board Signs Proclamation and Other Documents, Then Goes to Executive Session

This morning's meeting didn't get started until 2pm.  I'd called in and learned that board member Brody hadn't made it from Kodiak.  I had been at the computer for much of the day listening for them to begin. By 2 I'd wandered off to do other things.  I called at 3pm to see if they were meeting at all, was told they'd readjourn at 4.  So this is from listening online:

Torgerson:  Board passing out Proclamation of Redistricting, Metes and Bounds Report, maps, truncation, 2 and 4 year terms, we'll sign today to meet the Constitutional timeline.
Moved and 2nd that we adopt all the things I mentioned.

5-0, the Board has adopted the Proclamation of Redistricting.  Now I'll have Taylor go around and have everybody sign these.  Ladies first. 

Brody:  Long, drawn out process, the Board has excercised as much care and caution as we could and reached out to the citizens of Alaska,  Good plan, not everyone will be happy, but we did the best we could.  I hope it serves the state well for the next five years. 

McConnochie:  It's been a good mix of people and I'm proud . . .

Torgerson:  Gee thanks. . .

It's official. 

Greene:  It's been an honor and privilege to be onboard.  And more so to travel the state and listent to the heartfelt testimony.  I know it's been a difficult challenge.  The one day we had voted and gone back so many times trying to do the boundaries.  Thank the chair for coming into the office to help me.  Proud of the young leadership here running the office.  And Michael. 

Mr. Holm:  It's been a pleasure trying to keep up with you and your singing.  So much occurred in the last three months I never expected.  I thought it would be easier than it was.  Having been a life-long Alaskan, like you Ms. Greene.  I was truly humbled.  When you look at your particular area and think whats important to your area, then you have to look at the others because each of us have a different perception of what's important, thanks for all the comments from everyone, trying to promote their own welfare and we need to consider them all.

Torgerson:  Putting 5 Alaskans from different walks of life, unfamiliar with rules and regulations, but they worked very well, thank you for working together, listening together, conducting yourselves very professionally.  Many turns in the road we had to undertake.  We're glorifying and raising it because we're a 5-0 board.  Not because we jammed it down anyone's throat.  I don't know how PeggyAnn and Marie made all the changes they did.  It's humbling to know someone's comments from a small village were as important as a mayor of big town.  We now have a signed proclamation and accompanying documents.

Brody:  I want to thank the staff, Taylor, Jim, and Mary, the contributions of Ron Miller, Michael, Eric.

Torgerson:  We will go into recess and then executive session.  Tomorrow we'll meet at 10am and go through all these speeches over again.  We'll sign the proclamations and each member will have their own copy.  We'll go into executive session to discuss litigation issues.  Stand in recess for five minutes to let the room clear out.  In teleconference land folks, we'll sign off now.

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