Monday, June 27, 2011

New Eyes, New Images, New World

 We grow up being taught how to see the world.

 Some of us rebel and try to see it a little differently.

But constantly seeing anew gets tiring too and 
we settle into our own version of how to see.  

The people of the world aren't doing well.  
Some people see black, others see white.  

In either case we are locked into to seeing what we expect to see.  
Oil vs. solar.  Torture vs. Security.  Unnatural vs. Normal. 

But there is an infinite number of ways to see our world and to find ways to be prosperous, happy, and generous.  We just have to recover our childlike ability to see things freshly. 

These images are from my front yard.  Looking closely.   
The familiar becomes newly enchanting.  

What's there to discover in your yard? Or are you to busy to see?

We all need to look with new eyes at how we live and how we could live. 

It's not about winning.  It's about seeing.  Seeing a world we can all share.


  1. I'm finding my garden to be that place where I see the world anew. Last night, on hands and knees and flashlight, I watched the world of snails and slugs. I only had to recapture the wonder I felt as a boy to find it all enthralling. And time flew!

  2. What's night? Haven't seen one since we got back from Seattle. Getting past ingrained images of squishy and slimy snails and slugs is a big leap for many people.

  3. Yeah, that aesthetic thing. Gotta adjust that, then it's all beautiful, really. And yes, night can be found at 51 north latitude in the summer (alas!) but it was 33 C yesterday. Almost Spain.

  4. At least here in Salamanca, this summer is not very hot in Spain. Or this I feel...


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