Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Such a Beautiful Day

Riding home this afternoon on 36th.  The air's warm/cool factor perfect.  Blue sky, white fluff on the edges. 36th closed westbound at Lake Otis, not much traffic.

It would be nice to shut down 36th to cars altogether. :)  Oh, maybe we could make it one-way and give cars a lane.

UPDATE 9:30pm:  From the June 26, 2011 NYTimes article Dallas (in comments) links:
Cities including Vienna to Munich and Copenhagen have closed vast swaths of streets to car traffic. Barcelona and Paris have had car lanes eroded by popular bike-sharing programs. Drivers in London and Stockholm pay hefty congestion charges just for entering the heart of the city. And over the past two years, dozens of German cities have joined a national network of “environmental zones” where only cars with low carbon dioxide emissions may enter.

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  1. We can dream


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