Saturday, June 04, 2011

Listening and Watching Board from Home Now

You can listen in and watch the computer screen.

For Audio click here.

To see their computer screen, click here.   You'll have to register.

People you'll here talking are:

(l-r) Torgerson, Bickford, Holm
Board Chair:  John Torgerson  (Kenai)
Members:  PeggyAnn McConnochie (Juneau)
Bob Brody (Kodiak)
Bob Brody and Marie Green
Marie Greene (Kotzebue)  - she doesn't talk too much, but she's talking now as I write this
Jim Holm (Fairbanks)  He's on via audio conference and is pretty loud

Executive Director:  Taylor Bickford
Attorney:  Michael White
GIS expert:  Eric Sandberg
Assistant Director:  Jim Ellis
Attorney Michael White and PeggyAnn McConnochie
PeggyAnn McConnochie and Marie Greene are now talking about their attempts to create 'better' districts in SW - getting the numbers higher so they can create a third 'effective' senate district.

"This is one of those maps, everyone is not going to be happy."

10:25am - They're in Executive Session to talk about the legal implications of the map that McConnochie and Greene presented.

10:50am - they're back online.  Holm is talking about a timer and a Y - he's in Fairbanks and owns a nursery business, so I think perhaps his line came on while he was talking about his nursery stuff.  Yes.  There's Torgerson calling the meeting back to order.

So you can hit the links above to listen in now.

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