Monday, June 27, 2011

The First Walt Parker Sustainable Community Award Winner

I forget that not everyone shared my luck.  I got to meet Walt Parker early, when I first got to Alaska.  He was active in the local American Society for Public Administration chapter.  It was only later that I found out he was active in a lot of organizations.  And that he's had a remarkable life.

A few examples:
  • pilot in WW II China
  • bush pilot Alaska
  • trapper
  • FAA employee
  • amateur thespian
  • city council member
  • academic
  • consultant all around the world on various topics
  • chair of the Alaska oil spill commission
  • member of the Arctic Council

And he's still getting new stamps in his passport and volunteering full time in his 80s.

He's a walking encyclopedia about, well, everything.  You mention any topic, any country, and Walt will explain it in detail and tell a tale of when he was there. 

Sunday night a bunch of community groups sponsored the night and the first Walt Parker Sustainable Community Award.  While the crowd would probably be seen as left of center, a BP employee was at our table, and the Lt. Governor, Mead Treadwell, spoke in high praise of Walt Parker.

Walt was asked to open the envelope and announce the winner.  You don't see Walt at a loss for words often.  But he was clearly surprised when he saw the name.  

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  1. Bravo to Walt! Great recognition of an outstanding Alaskan. And dog lover.


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