Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Listening In On Redistricting Board from Home or Office or . . .

The Alaska Redistricting Board meetings are available via audio streaming.  Today's (June 1) meeting began at 10am.  But they were scheduled to go into Executive Session and they said the public meeting would begin at 11 am.  Here's the link to the page.  Then click on 'watch' and you'll get the little black box with the audio.  But it won't start until 11.  Then, Chairman Torgerson said yesterday, they'd go until noon or 12:30 and then reconvene in the afternoon at 3.  None of that is writ in stone, but should be a good guideline.

You can also get into their GoToMeeting Webinar so that you can actually see the computer screen they are watching and talking about - of maps and lines they are drawing of the new districts in Alaska.  They made that available to the public the first time yesterday and since it's been raining today, I thought I'd listen to the morning session from home and try out the GoToMeeting version.

Click on Image to go to the Redistricting Website to Sign In

Here's the GoToMeeting Screen shot I'm getting at home.  This makes it easier to grab pictures of what they are doing.

It's sharper if you double click to enlarge

They have room for 100 participants - though they can expand that if necessary.  Yesterday they only had a bout 10 folks checking in this way.  This is all live now as I post at 11:18am.

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