Thursday, June 23, 2011

Playing-with-Your-Head Art

It's been a great week with lots of people in town for the wedding this past Sunday.  The last few days we've had doing Anchorage things with our visitors.  I've tried to post every day, but my attention has been elsewhere.

Here are some websites I've been wanting to share that visually play with the notions of reality and not-reality.

The Wondrous - This post features Belgian artist Ben Heine mixing drawing and photos (I think.)

When I sent my friend Tómas the link to Heine, he offered back this link to a post on chalk sidewalk art by Julian Beever at Cecilitaa’s Blog.  More playing with how we see reality.  In many cases I can't tell where the art ends and reality begins.  Is the photographer in this picture a real person or drawn on?  It looks obvious in this one, but after seeing some of the others I'm not sure.

Both sites have LOTS of examples of these artists' work and most are amazing.

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