Monday, June 13, 2011

Flying to the Light - From Seattle to Anchorage

One trip experience I particularly enjoy is flying in summer from Seattle at night to Anchorage.   Since our flight left at 9:05pm Saturday, it wasn't quite dark when we took off, but the sun had set and it was nearing dark.

 We flew south out of Seatac then circled back over Puget Sound as the sun had gone down it was getting dark.

 Then around and up past Bainbridge Island.

 And for my Nanaimo readers, I took this shot as we went by the southern end of Vancouver Island.
 A little more than an hour into the flight, the sun appeared again over the horizon.

 Passing over a Prince William Sound Glacier.

 And 20 minutes before landing we passed these mountains blocking the clouds.

And before looping over the MatSu and heading back into Anchorage, we got a good dose of sun with Foraker and Denali silhouetted on the horizon.  Foraker is on the left and Denali is the very faint pyramid just right of center.  It's slightly clearer if you double-click the image.

Despite all the clouds in the picture, it was mostly clear in Anchorage as we landed at 11:30pm.

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  1. Beautiful!
    I shall be flying from Florida to Juneau at the end of July, and have requested a window seat on the right side of the aircraft for my young grandson so he can see the majesty of the coast line... may the weather gods be kind!


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