Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Powerline Pass

My daughter drove our van back up to Alaska after it enjoyed a winter further south.  So after the obligatory dinner at Thai Kitchen, she wanted to go to Powerline Pass at Glen Alps.  There was a brisk, chilly wind.

Normally I try to get a picture without the powerline, but I have a friend who is far more attuned to powerlines than to mountains, so this picture is for him.

Spring is a couple weeks behind what it is down in the city, but there were a few flowers that stand out against the brown grass.

I'm not sure what these little flowers are.  Alaskapi. . .are you there to assist?
[UPDATE June 9:  Alaskapi comes through - see her  thoughts on what these are in the comments.  Thanks!]

I think these are globe flowers, except the Audubon Guide says their range is:
British Columbia to Washington; in the Rocky Mountains south to Colorado.

 The lupine are just starting to flower.


  1. Steve-
    The white flowers look to be Narcissus Anemone.
    I can't see the leaves on the yellow very well but they look like Yellow or Richardson's Anemone.
    What beautiful treasures to find on your walk!
    Alaska Pi

  2. Steve- hoping your trip goes well~
    Here's an online look at the yellow flower.
    Is a cool site for plant ID

    Thank you for the strokes- lots of folks who hike with me roll their eyes and get impatient about making any distance what with all my stopping and crawling around, peering at this and that, photos and drawings :-)
    Alaska Pi


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