Monday, March 28, 2011

Tomás' Book Now in Online Edition

Last summer I met Spanish blogger, architect, artist, and amazing children's book author,  Tomás Serrano.  We connected after he left a comment on a post on Exit Glacier.  We spent a morning with him and his family before they headed to Chicago and back to Spain.  And he left a copy of Salfón el limpiador de tejados. 

Now, his most recent blog post at Waldo Walkiria World - under Blogs of Friends or Acqauintences on the right - announces that Salfón can be read online.

It's at a website called Magic Blox - Your Kid's Digital Book Library. The site has that bursting plastic blocks exclamation point and stars look, and you can only read a few pages without buying a library card. But each of his pages is a work of art worth looking at. And, if you have kids, the library card sounds pretty reasonable - much less than buying just one of the books.

The book is in Spanish, but the illustrations are in human.

By the way, Tomás hinted that one of his cartoons has won a major prize, but he doesn't know for sure until the winners are announced in April.  I'll let you know, or you can go directly to his blog.   Maybe we can get him back to Alaska - his family seemed to be having a great time last summer and realizing how little they got to see.

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