Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Love Ted Herlinger's Guts

It was pretty amazing to walk into the gallery with all these spheres floating in the air.  And then I started looking at individual spheres and it was even more amazing.  I know, some people think it doesn't take much to get me excited.  But these are special, especially the whole collection hanging in this lighting.

The exhibit is called Phase II.  The artist is Ted Herlinger.
They're made of reed, pork gut, and elk sinew.

Here's what the description said.

One more.

I was there in Out North's gallery during intermission of The Brits and their Telly, which continues next week.  While there were a lot of interesting shorts - they are supposed to be the best British tv commercials - I remember being more enchanted by past Telly shows.  I was trying to figure out why.  I remember them as quirkier and I think for more local British products.  There were too many McDonald's and other multinational ads.  I think another issue for me was that what used to be high on originality is now more focused on high production values.

They were technically better, but too many were more like apprenticeship work for Hollywood.  All that talent and money to sell junk food is depressing.  But there were a bunch still reflected the Brits and their Telly that I remember.  Out North has a video with two of the good ones on their website.  Watch for Duckzilla, for the picnic in the field, and the British Airways ads were good.  So were the ads for non-profits. The anti-smoking and HIV prevention ads didn't beat around the bush.  And I was upset with Bob Dylan for selling out until I saw what it was for. 

An Out North heads upBridgman Packer will be in Anchorage April 28 and 29.  We saw them at Alaska Dance Theater about three years ago.  Probably the most superlative post on this blog ever.  This time they will be in the Discovery Theater - but still an Out North event.  Scott says they'll be performing a piece commissioned by Out North which won them a Guggenheim Fellowship.  My breathless gushing last time wasn't misplaced.  They're so good, I think even a blind person would feel it in the room.  If you read this and don't go to see them, it's not my fault.

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