Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dem Spokesman delayed, No accommodation if not here before public testimony

Deborah Williams, here, at this point, to seek and adjustment to your schedule.  The spokesperson for the rights coalition is Jake Metcalf.  He's in the middle of mediation, representing the public safety employees union.  Earliest he can be here today to present is at 2:30, so we are seeking your indulgence until 2:30, which is clearly within your time frame to 7pm.  We apologize, we did talk to Ron and asked for this accommodation.  The only personal allowed to speak on the plan today and he can't be here earlier than 2:30pm

Torgerson:  My plan to run right through and don't intend to change that.  I encourage him to get here.  I don't intend to back up into presentations once we start public testimony.  Not going to accommodate you.

Five minute recess.

Republicans up next.

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