Thursday, March 31, 2011

Adam Trombley's Hero is Dick Cheney, Maybe

13 Anchorage Assembly candidates showed up at a forum at UAA Wednesday night.  Three or four times that many people were there to listen.  Not a whole lot was actually said.  You really had to make gut judgments based on how they spoke and their non-verbal messages.  It was good to see all the candidates, but there wasn't anything that interesting.

Except. . .

There were written audience questions -  read by moderator Channel 2 newsman Jason Lamb - directed at specific candidates.  Adam Trombley was asked who his political heroes of the last 20 years were.  He quickly said, "Dan Quail."  That appeared to be a joke because he asked how much time he had - about 15 or 20 seconds - and he finally said, "Dick Cheney."

Yes, he said Cheney was his hero.  Cheney helped get us into Iraq on false claims of WMD's.  He was part of the group that outed a CIA agent to get revenge on her husband, and helped get his aide, Scooter Libby, out of his prison sentence after he was convicted. Torturing prisoners gave him no qualms.  The list goes on and on.  Here's a link to a Boston Globe article that looks at Cheney in the 1970s.  I realize there are conservatives who would strongly disagree with this characterization, but I'm confident that Cheney will not be a hero in the history books.    That's how I see it. So I thought I should check with Trombley.

Afterward I asked Trombley if he was serious or not.  He wouldn't give me a straight answer.  I don't know what that means. He's a candidate for a local office.  He said his hero is Dick Cheney, and when asked about it afterward, he refuses to answer.  Watch his response and judge for yourself.   Do we want Assembly people who refuse to answer serious questions that get to their values?

[UPDATE April 4:  If you want to judge for yourself if he was joking, his original response to the question is here.]

He is supported by the Mayor Sullivan.  From a poster on Trombley's website:
Adam is the BEST Conservative choice for East Anchorage Assembly. Please join me in supporting Adam Trombley. - Dan Sullivan

Sullivan is the man who ordered the public television in the City Hall lobby to be tuned to Fox News.    So, Cheney could be his hero. 

Just in case you aren't aware that we vote next Tuesday, here is a list of the candidates, including who was and wasn't at the forum at UAA.


  1. IMO, you did the right thing in asking Trombley to clarify his choice of Cheney as his hero. More citizens need to question candidates before voting for them. The results of not challenging politicians on their positions is being seen all over the country in the form of "voters' remorse." Kudos for having the courage to speak up!

  2. What a condescending, evasive jackass. That video clip should be enough to keep any reasonable person from ever casting a vote for him.

  3. VMI is an old-order private military prep school. At $37,000 pa in non-resident tuition and fees, it's a haven for better-off parents who want discipline for their kids. Cheney as a hero? Yup.

  4. LOL! Is this all you got? The inability to take a joke? And I thought the left could grasp the finer points of humor. Guess not!

  5. Anon, April 2 2:02am -

    Glad you dropped in here. Maybe you can explain the humor to me. Was it when he first said "Dick Cheney" in response to the question who his political hero was? If so, why is that funny? Explain the finer points of humor here that I missed.

    Was the joke when he wouldn't answer my question? Why is that funny?

    Really, if you can explain this I'd be grateful cause I didn't get the joke.

    Also, maybe you can explain how left or right relates to this as well.


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